Mission Quotes


„Theologically speaking, “foreign missions” is not a separate entity (……) The difference between home and foreign mission is not one of principle but of scope“ (Bosch 1991: 9-10)

 „The whole Bible is itself a ‚missional‘ phenomenon. The writigs that now comprise our Bible are themselves the product of and witness to the ultimate mission of God. The Bible renders to us the story of God’s mission through God‘s people in their engagement with God‘s word for the sake of the whole of God’s creation (……) Mission is not just one of a list of things that the Bible happens to talk about, only a bit more urgently than some. Mission is, in that much-abused phrase, ‚what it‘s all about‘“ (Wright 2006: 22).

„I believe that the Christian gospel provides and opens up the possibility of a life – public and personal – that includes both the ability to hold vital convictions that lead to action and also the capacity to preserve for others the freedom to dissent“ (Newbigin 1986: 140).

„In this era of globalized exchange, expanding technology, and constant migration, mission is now recognized as being from ‚everywhere to anywhere‘ and from ‚everyone to anyone‘“ (Magda & Wachsmuth 2014: 26).

„The Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches in Europe are in themselves a complex mission field(……) Awakening the religiously indifferent and those who have found false security in a superficially sacramentalistic, cultural and/or nationalistic and yet only nominal Christianity is a very complex challenge“ (Kuzmič 1992: 22).

 „They went to serve and to learn, and they brought back insights and perspectives that enriched the life of their home churches. Some missiologists call this ‚mission in reverse‘, while others use the image of a two-way street to describer the dynamics of the process“ (Escobar 2002: 162).

„We must be wiling to add to our repertoire and perhaps for some to even become 150 percent persons. We must accept the value priorities of others. We must learn the definitions and rules of the context in which they live. We must adopt their patterns and procedures for working, playing, and worshiping. We must become willing participants in their culture and make them our family and friends“ (Lingenfelter 2016: 114).

 „Culture, whether prized as ‚holy ground‘ in the anthropological model or looked on with some suspicion, as in the counter-cultural model, is still regarded as of utmost importance for theology and Christian life. Human beings are not abstract creatures; they are radically cultural beings“ (Bevans 2004: 389).

„As Christians, we are often unaware that we are shaped more by our contexts than the gospel. We take our Christianity as biblically based and normative for everyone“ (Hiebert 2010: 83).

„The Gospel optimistically stands as transcultural or supracultural force that can redeem and transform culture, by extending God’s kindgom into it and restoring culture back to God’s original intent“ (Tennent 2010: 162).

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