Czechia-based Mission Organisations


The Czech Republic has mostly been a place missionaries go to. The church has grown slowly in the decades since communism ended, and there is still much to do. But it is time for the Czech church to step up and take its place in the Great Commission, reaching other nations with the Gospel.

It is the responsibility of all Christians, who are sent by their local church, to carry out the mission message about Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless, mission organizations can be useful for providing a frame for a particular mission involvement. They usually have contacts abroad, experience in practical issues of leaving the Czech Republic, experience with life in different countries, lastly, mission organizations are useful because of their different ministry focus and specialization. All of this happens, or is supposed to happen, with a close partnership with sending churches.

Here is couple of links of Czech-based sending mission organizations:

Nadační fond Nehemia

Nadační fond KMS

Operace mobilizace ČR


Wycliffovi překladatelé Bible

Missio – misie katolické církve

Univerzitní křesťanské hnutí – IFES ČR

Jděte – zahraniční misijní agentura

Bůh národů

KAM (Josiah Venture ČR)